Bootcamp Outdoor/Indoor Training

"Beast" Boot Camp

Each class is 60 minutes and has a focus on the following areas: strength, endurance, nutrition education, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and body composition. We do not utilize "gym equipment," instead we perform exercises using items such as free weights, balls, resisitance bands, etc... These exercises are used to improve movement and enhance strength. "While our trainers are here to "push" you, they will also encourage you to pace yourself and listen to your body in order to avoid injury. 





Indiviual Personal Training

Learn a variety of skills and techniques that will help you incorporate exercise into your daily life and make it an important part of your new active lifestyle. Each individual session is 60 minutes. Prices vary.

 Budy2Buddy Personal Training
This is for those who wish to train sporadically, less than 2 times per week, and/or purchase fewer than 12 sessions. 
Share a session with a friend or family member and save! 
Events &
"Fill The Park" Challenge
Boot Camp Parties/ Picnics in the Park
In these challenges our current and potentially new members will have the chance to experience training techniques of 3 different trainers in a circuit format.
We have boot camp fellowship outings to show our appreciation for our family members.
& Fundraising
Charity & Fundraising
Internship & Community Service Opportunities
Join us in fun runs, obsticle courses and walks for the cause. Or better yet, spread the word about us by utilizing our fundraising services for you own events!
Earn an internship or community service hours by lending a helping hand.

FUN-FIT Strength & Conditioning BOOT CAMP

"THINK BIG, start small"

The National Strength and Conditioning Association determined that strength and conditioning for youth can be safe

and effectivein developing strength, coordination, and athleticism; starting at the age of 6. Research shows that students

who are stronger and more physically conditioned, perform better in school, and are less likely to engage in unhealthy

behaviors and activities.

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Daycare Services

Daycare services will be available Monday - Friday from 8am to 8pm With a fee of $1 per child.  Unlike other daycare services at local gyms, your child will not just play games and look at movies. While you are fueling your body with well needed exercise we will equip your child with positive life lessons and morally educate them. Our instructors will have degrees in childhood education.