Cycling/Spin Class


Spinning is a phenomenon, where participants take part in a group workout on exercise bikes that typically lasts anywhere from 30-75 minutes. The classes are lead by instructors who normally guide participants through a series of phases, from a gradual warm-up to a period of peak effort which is then followed by a gradual cool down. In spinning classes, the intensity of the workout is influenced by a couple of things: 

  • cadence, or pedal rate

  • resistance of the bike's flywheel, which can be continually adjusted throughout the class to make pedaling easier or more difficult

  • the riders' body position, as they either pedal from a seated position or rise from the saddle

Ultimately particiapants determine their own levels of exertion, something that works better for some folks than others.

But a good instructor can certainly encourage and motivate you to push yourself, and you'll most likely find spinning to be a vigorous workout. It's a decent way to stay in shape when you can't get outside on the bike.