Does this face look familiar???

Reina Davis-Blake - St. Ann, MO  (Caterer, Personal Chef)

So first just let me say, I was a bit of an excuse maker, LOL... It only took me 2 months to get the weight off, but took me 2 years to realize that my mind was the only reason my weight kept fluctuating. When I changed my mindset from "How do I look?" to "How am I living?" everything clicked. What helped me so much, is the encouraging family atmosphere and the sense of comradery in the workouts. You just feel like you belong in the family and nobody looks at you according to your ability to do the workouts. Most of us are to tired to think about that anyway, thanks a lot Shanika, LOL... But all jokes aside, it's so comforting to see regular people, like you, joining in and helping you along in the struggle, in and outside the fitness classes. And that is what this "POWERful" community is about, we are a village and as long as you are involved, you won't be left behind.

Be confident! You lack nothing. Everything you need to succeed is within you, use it & keep pressing forward!

All things are possible for one who believes.

- Mark 9:23